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6 Significance of Diwali 2018- The Festival of Lights

6 Significance of Diwali 2018- The Festival of Lights

Diwali is coming soon for a grand celebration between the 2018 Indians. This is the biggest Indian festival that celebrates the victory of the good from the bad. So now when the Diwali 2018 festival is all around the festival, it is easily worthwhile to prepare for this biggest Indian festival.


In India, Diwali is undoubtedly a celebration of great festivity, happiness, positiveness and good festivity from bad. It is a 5-day long festival in which friends, family and lovers are assembled for the festive celebration of home decoration and exposes the house to eliminate darkness because everywhere Diwali is celebrated on ‘Amavasya’, which That’s not the day of the moon. It announces the beginning of a new year according to the Indian Hindu calendar.

Diwali is a symbol of different meaning for India in its grand celebration. This is the day of celebrating the victory of Lord Rama on Satan King Ravana. Diwali is also auspicious day for Lakshmi Ganesh Pooja. So there is a lot that reflects the enthusiastic festival of Diwali such as:

Story of Ramayana:

It is said that due to the victory of Lord Rama, Diwali is celebrated and Ayodhya returns after 14 years of exile. Indeed, the light and decoration of the house is actually done to signal the welcome of Lord Rama. The story of Ramayana shows in all detail.

Lakshmi Ganesh Pooja:

Like the importance of Ramayana in the celebration of Diwali, Lakshmi Ganesh Pooja is very important on Diwali too. It is believed by the people of India that worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on Diwali is a way of honoring God and receiving blessings from a healthy, rich, happy and prosperous life.

Tradition Diyas:

The thing that best illustrates the festival of lights, Diwali is a traditional diya. In fact, the most important part of the Diwali festival is to put traditional clay at home and everywhere. Thus when Diwali revolves around the corner, one thing which is on high demand is beautifully carved lamps. These days, many new varieties of Diwali Diya are in the market.

Colorful Rangoli:

Rangoli is another very beautiful symbol of Diwali festival festival. This is the name of the beautiful and colorful decorations of the floor made with colorful powder. Diwali Rangoli is actually the traditional symbol of Diwali which excels with creativity.

Recreational Dessert:

Like any other festival, shared sweets with close friends and loved ones are an important rite of celebration of Diwali. Thus, many days before the Diwali festival, the wonderful varieties of Diwali special dessert are available everywhere. In fact in the range of Diwali gifts, desserts are very popular choices. Like Diwali messages, Diwali dessert is shared by all and by dear people.

Gift Sharing Rite:

On Diwali, the ritual that spreads happiness, love and cheerful moments is a rite of giving gifts which is very important among the people of India during Diwali. Like Deepawali gifts, the tradition of sharing the Diwali gift among everyone is very important among all. It is a way of strengthening bonds of love with close friends and loved ones, sharing happiness and love. In fact on Diwali, corporate companies distribute Diwali gifts to employees.


Diwali is one of the joyful celebrations of Indians. So celebrate it with extreme enthusiasm and with utmost security with family and friends.


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