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What is the Significance of Lighting Diyas on the day Diwali 2018 ?

What is the Significance of Lighting Diyas on the day Diwali 2018?

Deepawali is an extraordinary popular Hindu festival of India which is celebrated by the people of the Hindu community. Festivals are celebrated every year either in the month of November . Deepawali 2018 will be celebrated on November 7th.

The significance of Diya at Diwali is reflected in the fact that Deepawali is itself made of deep words and it means a line of shiny lamp. This gives us more curiosity to know about the extraordinary importance of giving light to Diyas on Diwali.

Lights & Deepawali

Every house decorated with colorful and lovely lights on Diwali! From oil lamps to vibrant electric lights and candles, people never shine their homes and leave a chance to make lighting. Traditionally, people celebrate festival with cotton bricks by highlighting the soil lamp. However, in most parts of the country the tradition of clay lamp has gradually ended, but it still remains the concept of illumination remains unchanged.

People are often eager to know how and why the concept of Diya is celebrating Deepawali.

Let’s get a clear view of the importance of giving light to the lights on Diwali.

A earthen lamp or diya has become synonymous with festival of Diwali. Dyas decorate every nook and cranny of the house and it starts to look bright in the sky. Delicious dishes are prepared to add to the spirit of Deepawali festival and people wear new clothes.

The legend of light illumination on Deepawali

The festival of Diwali is celebrated to bring maximum love and prosperity to the house. In a way, it celebrates the victory of good over evil. This is celebrated in northern India on this day, people of Ayodhya have welcomed Lord Rama who has returned from 14 years of exile with his brother Laxman and wife Sita after defeating Ravana.

During his 14 years of exile, Lord Rama defeated Ravana with Hanuman, Lakshman and the army of monkeys, who had kidnapped Sita. This battle itself signifies the victory of good over the evil.

Apart from this, there is plenty of light for Diya. This is a traditional practice in the Hindu community, according to which people give light to Diya in their homes every evening. It is not only a traditional practice, but it reflects the surrender of its soul towards Almighty.

What does oil represents in Diaas?

The oil used to give light to the beard represents all negative human traits and includes hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, anger and many others. And, Vic represents the inner self, the soul! The light of the lights symbolizes that we need our beautiful mind to enlighten our inner soul and clean them with these negative things. These negativity disappears from home with the disappearance of the oil.

There is a hidden message in it that the enlightenment happens when we walk on the path of religiousness like Lord Ram did.

What is diya symbol? 

A diya is symbolic of knowledge! A person who is ignorant will often keep himself in dark goods. He will be in touch with the surrounding positivity when he feels about reaching the use of knowledge that he will understand the need to celebrate his existence.

The symbol of a lamp that the flame of knowledge will remove ignorance !!

And, a lamp not only indicates in light that it spreads in the houses but in short it shows the only way to merge our souls with God. It shows us the way to gain knowledge and to enlighten ourselves.

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