What is special about Taj Mahal?

What is special about Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal

Sheer poetry in marble. magnificence and magnificence, unrivalled, the Taj Mahal is that the only one of its kind across the earth. The monumental labour of affectionateness of a superb ruler for his beloved queen. the last word realisation of Emperor Shahjahan’s dream. one of the wonders of the earth. From 1631 A.D., it took twenty 2 years in its making. Associate in Nursing computable twenty,000 people worked to finish the attractive grave, on the banks of the Yamuna. For a good move gorgeous browse of the Taj Mahal, one ought to see it by moonlight.


The construction of this marble masterpiece is as a result of the Mughal emperor Emperor United Nations agency erected this grave in memory of his beloved partner, Arjumand Bano Moslem, popularly referred to as Mumtaz Mahal, United Nations agency died throughout a.H. 1040 (A.D. 1630). Her last wish to her husband was “to build a point in her memory just like the planet had never seen before”. so emperor Emperor set regarding building this fairytale like marvel. the event of Taj Mahal was started throughout a.D. 1632 and completed at the tip of 1648 A.D. For seventeen years, twenty thousand workmen ar aforesaid to be used on that daily, for his or her accommodation atiny low town, named once the deceased empress-‘Mumtazabad, presently referred to as Taj Ganj, was designed adjacent to it.

Amanat Khan Shirazi was the skilled worker of Taj Mahal, his name happens at the tip of Associate in Nursing inscription on one of the gates of the Taj.the material was brought in from everyplace Republic of Asian nation and central Asia and it took a fleet of 1 thousand elephants to maneuver it to the positioning. Red sedimentary rock was brought from Fatehpur Sikri, gem from geographical region, Jade and Crystal from China, Turquoise from Xizang, gem and Sapphire from land, Coal and cornelian from peninsula and diamonds from Panna.


The entrance is 151 feet by 117 feet and rises to a height of one hundred feet. Tourists will enter the most compound by alittle gate at the facet of the most gate.

Main Gate

This main gate of red arenaceous rock measures thirty mt. in height. it’s inscribed with verses from the religious writing in Arabic. the little rounded pavilions on high square measure in Hindu vogue and signify regality. A putting feature of the entrance is that the inscription seems to be of an equivalent size. The engravers have skilfully enlarged ANd long the letters that produce an illusion of uniformity.

Well arranged out gardens activity three hundred x three hundred mt. within the style of a Charbagh square measure unfold on either facet of the pavement. within the centre could be a platform from wherever tourists will capture the Taj on film.

Taj Museum

To the left of the on top of mentioned platform is that the Taj depository. Original drawings accessible here show the exactness with that the designer had planned this monument. He even anticipated that it might be completed in twenty two years.

The house of prayer and also the Jawab
To the left of the Taj could be a house of prayer made from red arenaceous rock. it’s common in Islam to create a house of prayer next to a grave, because it sanctifies the realm and provides for an area for worship. This house of prayer continues to be used for Friday prayers.

An identical house of prayer is additionally engineered to the correct of the Taj and is understood because the Jawab (answer). Prayers aren’t control here because it faces west i.e. far from Mecca, the Heavenly City of the Muslims. it had been engineered to take care of symmetry.

The Exterior

The Taj itself stands in a very raised platform. The four minarets at every corner of the pedestal give an ideal balance to the grave. The minarets live forty one.6 m high and every encompasses a deliberate slant outward in order that in AN unlikely event of AN earthquake, they might not fall on the grave however far from it. The bulbous dome of the mausoleum rests on an awfully high drum and rises to a complete height of forty four.41 mt. From the bottom of the drum to the apex to the ornamentation. The central dome, no matter the angles of the read. there’s only 1 purpose of access to the pedestal and grave, a double way facing the doorway. One needs to take away shoes over or will placed on the shoe covers that square measure provided at a nominal price by the workers stationed here for this purpose.

Interior of the Taj

The interior of the burial chamber includes a lofty central chamber, a sepulture in real time below this and 4 octangular corner rooms originally meant to accommodate the graves of alternative royalty members.

In the centre square measure the cenotaphs of Emperor and Mumtaz Mahal. monarch Jahan’s monument is to the left and is over that of his beloved that rests in real time below the dome. agency died in 1040 A.H. or 1630 A.D.).

a Egyptian lamp, the flame of that is meant to ne’er give way. Marble screen of trelliswork surrounds the graves. each tombs square measure delicately adorned with semi precious stones. The acoustics of the building square measure excellent with the rounded ceiling being designed to echo chants from religious writing and musician’s melodies. it’s steered that one walk round the outside of the grave, before retrieving your shoes, to understand it from all sides.

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